Feeling incredibly lucky …

When we made this move I came off all social media platforms, except LinkedIn, and it’s heart breaking today to see so many people posting that they have been made redundant this week because of the Coronavirus emergency. It’s not like there will be many companies hiring in these uncertain times – I genuinely send all my best thoughts to anyone facing this situation at the moment.

We faced a similar situation back in the 2008 financial crisis when we both lost our jobs and almost lost everything – but we didn’t – there is help out there and my advice is tell creditors now, before you start missing payments – it took us years to get back on our feet, but we didn’t lose the house. I guess the other big advice is this – it’s all just stuff, and actually life becomes much simpler if you scale everything back. It doesn’t matter where you are, it’s who you’re with that counts.

It made me think back to when we were in the UK – huge mortgage and pressure to earn X amount every month just to survive. Western society encourages people to achieve more by owning more, borrowing more – and whilst no one could’ve predicted this pandemic, it shows how fragile modern society really is.

Ok, so these days we don’t own very much, but we have everything we need, and more importantly, we’re financially free of the system. I’m counting every lucky star over our heads today.

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