There is such a thing as too much excitement in one day …

Sitting on the roof terrace this afternoon, Luna lying next to my chair (quite unusual in itself as that involves being still!) when I noticed something in her fur – bugger, a tick. Huge, dirty great tick. We’ve never had to remove one of these before so we checked on old faithful (You Tube) grabbed a pair of tweezers and set to. Nope, not happening. When you’ve got a 5 month old puppy who weighs about 50lbs and decides she doesn’t want to be messed with then it just ain’t happening.

Back to You Tube – ah! Neem oil or apple cider vinegar – squirt either on and stand back.

So an hour or so later I thought I should check to see if the tick had gone, put the chickens away for the night etc etc. We’ll blow me, the neem oil worked – no more tick – fantastic! After a small tousle I managed to get some iodine on the wound. Put the chickens away, tidied up the terrace (Luna is currently eating her way through all the deckchairs) and headed back down the steps to the house.

Something caught my eye as I got to the second terrace, and at the same moment Luna went mad and raced off – about 20 feet away was a wild boar. Now we’ve seen the damage these things can do – a chap in the village recently got gored and ended up with 40 stitches in his leg. We had a boar problem last year – they were coming up and digging under the olive trees for water so we set some traps and blocked up where they were coming in – and we’ve not had a problem since, or so we thought!

So Luna is going mental as this boar takes off, and I’m shouting to Rog indoors, so then he comes and and takes off after Luna and the boar … returning a few minutes later to say it’s gone – phew! Well now we know what she goes mad about in the night!

That’s life in the campo!

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