Update on Luna

Well she’s about 24 weeks old now, and she has a surname now ‘tic’ – get it, Luna Tic 😂

And that’s exactly what she is! Nothing is safe or sacred. We used to have lovely fairy lights and solar lamps on the roof terrace – nope, all been eaten now! The list of things she has eaten and destroyed is long, but I couldn’t imagine not having her here now.

Her tail has a mind of it’s own, she can clear the coffee table on the terrace in one swish! We made the decision on day one that she would not be allowed in the house, although she regularly sneaks in when she thinks we’re not looking.

Yesterday I was weeding the veg garden – she crept in the house, stole my knitting and wound it around all the trees outside – 3 balls of wool, demolished.

And cacti, she loves eating them- spikes and all.

But she does guard this place and us so well – at night she chases goodness knows what around the farm! And she did see off the wild pig the other week! That makes up for the destructive tendencies in my view!

When we got her she weighted about 15kg (at 12 weeks) and we think she’s now about 30kg at 24 weeks – she’s going to be a big girl!

And we do love her …

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