First aid in the campo and the wonder that is iodine!

We’re forever getting bites and stings, scratching ourselves on the trees and the like, so having a decent first aid kit is quite important.  But there’s one thing we have started using all the time since we moved here, and that’s iodine – it’s miraculous!

Obviously iodine is used by doctors and hospitals all the time, but it was never very common for it to be used at home very much in the UK.

There was a bottle here when we moved in, and so on some of our bigger cuts we thought one day, we should put some iodine on it to stop it getting infected … and that was it – we now use it almost daily!  Bites, stings, cuts, everything.  I recently had a really bad eye infection and so got the iodine out – it was a lot better by the time I got around to speaking to the doctor a week later, but hadn’t quite killed off the infection, so eye drops had to be used to finish it off!  But I would’ve been in a right mess without the iodine!

We have two first aid cupboards here – one in the bedroom, which we refer to as the ‘ooh I don’t feel very well’ medicine cabinet – simple remedies, paracetamol, homeopathic medicine and essential oils etc, and one in the bathroom which is the ‘oh my god I’ve cut my arm off’ medicine cabinet.  The latter has serious first aid stuff – the iodine, tournequets, big ass bandages and dressings, saline eye wash etc – the one we used when Rog chopped his finger off last year!

Our neighbour reckons an ambulance would come out here, but the last turn into our lane and the last 100 metres would be impossible for an ambulance, so we need to make sure we can do immediate first aid here.  We do have a house address for official use, but only a few of the locals would be able to tell anyone how to get here, so we have GPS co-ordinates to give out and can send the exact location via things like Google maps – these are all things you have to think of living out here.  You wouldn’t want to be trying to work out how to direct an ambulance here if one of our limbs was hanging off!

Fingers crossed (although Rog struggles to cross his fingers now 😂) we’ll never need to make that call …

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