It’s that jam time of year ….

Last year when we moved in here at the end of March we knew nothing! We didn’t even know what some of the trees were! In April we went ‘oh, that’s an apricot tree’ and in May said ‘oh, they’re ripe!’ At this point I just wasn’t prepared – no jam jars, no sugar, no tried and tested recipe!

This year of course is different. I maintain a good stock of jars, I have recipes and knew the apricots would be ready around this week so made sure I had plenty of sugar.

Not all of them are ripe yet, but we did pick 24lbs yesterday afternoon so the jam making started last night and will all be done over the next couple of days – it’s so nice to be a little more in the know this year! The thing with apricots is they turn quickly, so when we pick them you then have to get on with it whether that’s jam, chutney or bottling them in syrup.

I’ll share my fabulous jam recipe again because it really is beautiful jam and is so easy to make:

3lb apricots

600g granulated  sugar

Wash, quarter and de-stone the apricots and put into a non reactive bowl

Add the sugar and stir

Cover and leave for 12  hours to macerate (hence the session starts the night before!)

After 12 hours pop it in a large preserving pan, bring to the boil and let it boil merrily for 10 minutes. Stir frequently while it’s coming to the boil while the sugar dissolves, and once boiling just give it a stir every couple of minutes.

Place into sterilised jars

Literally, that’s it! Nicest jam I have ever eaten – I guarantee you’ll never eat shop bought apricot jam ever again!

I mean, homemade cranberry scones topped with apricot jam – don’t mind if I do!!!


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