Changing the way we eat …

Since moving to Spain our diet has definitely changed – the climate changes what how and when you eat, and the veg here is so good!

Our consumption of meat has been gradually decreasing over the last year or two and we have found that a diet with less meat seems to suit us very well.

So a while back we made the decision to stop eating meat and dairy – mainly due to animal welfare reasons, but also for health reasons. We’re not calling ourselves vegetarians or vegans, as we’re still eating fish and also the eggs we get from our own chickens. We’ve never been into labels and like to do things our own way.

It has been easier than I thought, although I do miss cheese and proper salted butter some days! We’ve started using oat milk instead of cows milk, and that has been absolutely fine – took a few days to get used to it after a lifetime of cows milk, but not a real hardship. Vegan cheese is a bit odd – think cardboard with a taste of quavers, but we recently found one that is made from coconut oil rather than cashews so it has a better texture.

The Spanish aren’t really into veganism or vegetarianism – at our local market the other week the lady on the meat stand came over and asked if I wanted some meat – so I said thanks, but we don’t eat meat – she looked at me like I was a mental case and then said, well I have some chicken 😂 to which I said, thanks but that’s meat, and we don’t eat meat! So she said, what, not even chicken! I think she would’ve called for the men in white coats if she knew we didn’t eat dairy as well!!

I think a lot of vegans get a bad press because something strange happens to a small number of people when they go vegan – they turn into pious a**eholes and spout to everyone how cruel they are to eat meat and dairy products – I actually had a vegan say to me that I eat chicken periods (eggs) – I mean, come on for goodness sake!!

Well here’s my promise – we won’t be pious a**eholes!! When my parents visit here, there’s no way my Dad would stand for vegan or vegetarian meals – he would literally walk out! So meat will be on the menu for them. And we’ll have to get cows milk in for them. Just because we’ve made the choice to not eat meat, then surely people should also have the choice to eat meat if they want to? Right?

So why then do we people feel the need to keep saying ‘what you need is a nice steak’ – errr, no we don’t actually! The a**ehole thing works both ways …

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