We’re currently in the middle of a heatwave – like Spain needs one of those! Summers are normally blistering, but the last few days have been off the scale reaching 43 degrees in the afternoon here.

It’s been really hard keeping the house bearable. So sit outside in the shade I hear you cry! Well it’s not that simple! It wouldn’t be, would it! 😂

Last summer we bought a pergola for the roof terrace. It got absolutely ripped apart by the wind and has now been recycled as a handrail for the stairs and the roof of the chicken coop. Rog tried several times to repair it, but we do get strong winds here, and nothing worked for longer than a day or two before it broke again. We’ve tried a sail off the posts already on the roof terrace – nope! So we’ve given up trying to get any shade up there, which does mean that after about 9am it’s impossible to sit up there until the evening. But it’s lovely up there in the evening as you get a gorgeous breeze and get to watch the sun go down behind the mountains!

We have a little area to the side of the house, where we had a couple of small tables for potting plants, the big homemade washing machine, bags of compost etc etc. So we set to this morning clearing it all out, and we’ve managed to make a little triangular area where we can fix a canopy up on the roof of the house and then tie the other corners to one of the mandarin trees on the second terrace and the apricot tree on the first terrace. And it survived a very windy afternoon – hurrah! The canopy is one of the olive harvesting nets, but we have plenty so could spare this one!

Now we know it works, we’re going to build a raised deck here so that it’s just a small step from the side of the house, and it will look a bit nicer. We had some big pieces of wood lying around which we can use for the frame – we just need to get our hands on some decent pallets now!

We didn’t bring any garden furniture from the UK, but we had an old plastic table and some folding wooden chairs here – ok so it’s not the prettiest, but it works!! A bit of incense keeps the flies at bay too. We’re going to finish off that bit of wall too under the patio – Half a job Harry definitely worked here when they built the house!

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