The sound of summer…

Last summer we had our first experience of a wildfire, which was pretty scary, not least because when it started on the Saturday morning I suddenly realised that I hadn’t arranged the house insurance 😱. The wildfire went on all weekend with a battery of helicopters and planes fighting to extinguish it – we saw the devastation afterwards, although just a few months later we drove past and the area was recovering amazingly quickly.

I was on the phone to the insurance company at 9:01am on the Monday morning! We managed to arrange a brilliant policy that covers the whole finca as well as the house. This means that if disaster did ever strike, the insurance would cover the cost of repairing and replanting the whole finca – and it covers acts of god too!

The helicopter refill reservoir is just across from us and down the valley a bit, and so the helicopters were flying right over our house all weekend – it’s the only sound that drowns out the cicadas!

So far this year we’ve had two wildfires in the area – the one today was out in just a couple of hours and now the sound of the planes and helicopters is gradually lessening.

Our reaction compared to last year was a little different today – ‘ooh that sounds like the fire helicopters, better have a look – it’s all good, other side of the mountain and the wind is blowing in the right direction – want a cuppa’ 😂

BUT, we know better than to get complacent – we do have escape routes planned just in case, and all of our paperwork / birth certificates / passports / house deeds etc are kept in a box that can be picked up and put in the car. The plan would be to put the dog in the car and let the chickens out of the coop. As much as I would like to put all of them in the car, realistically it wouldn’t work! The chickens would have to fend for themselves I’m afraid.

If the fire was coming from below us we can drive up to the village, but if it was coming down from the village we can drive down to the river. At this point we can turn left or right and drive along the riverbed – left into the mountains or turn right towards Almeria city!

Let’s hope we never have to use our escape plan!

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