Bok Bok Box Treadle Chicken Feeder Review

We’ve been using a homemade feeder which has worked really well but we were starting to get a problem with mice. They could sneak in to steal the chickens food as it was an open top feeder. We covered it over at night, but little mice could still sneak in. Now I don’t like mice, but even worse is that the mice attract snakes, and I REALLY don’t like snakes!

So I started doing some research and found this automatic feeder – there are several different types on the market, but interestingly, none of them were available to buy in Spain (suppliers please note!), so I had to buy it in the UK, have it sent to Mum & Dad and then they shipped it over here.

Basically it’s a metal box with a lid and a foot plate – when a chook stands on the foot plate the lid opens and they can feed. When they step off the plate the lid closes. There are three plastic bowls inside, so you could have two for food and one for water – we’ve decided to use this for just food and they still have their normal water bowl separately. It measures 59x20x20cm and has a clever little locking pin attached to it which slots through holes in the side of the box – there are different positions so you can lock it open, half open or completely shut.

I chose this particular one basically because of the closing mechanism – it’s a soft close lid so doesn’t bang shut, potentially trapping their heads or at the very least scaring the life out of them! It holds about 5-6 days of food for our 4 hens.

The Bok Bok Box Automatic Chicken Feeder

The instructions say it takes three stages to train your chickens – in stage one you prop the lid open for them in the day so they can see where their food is and access it easily. In Stage two the lid is half open, so they have to step up into the plate to feed, but their food is still visible. In stage three the lid is only open a little bit – so they learn where their food is and gradually get used to stepping on the plate to feed.

So stage one went well – no hesitation to feed from the new box at all! At night we let the lid close, but didn’t lock it shut, so if the girls wanted to give it a whirl in the mornings then they could. And each night I demonstrated to them how it worked when they came back into the run for bed!

After just three days in phase one my clever girls got it! No need for phase two or phase three! I’ve just taken them their breakfast (potato peelings, some tomatoes, carrots and cauliflower!!) and there they were, standing on the plate, heads in the feeder quite merrily!

So far I’m impressed with this – it’s well made and a good size for 4 hens. It is a little on the expensive side (around £60) but it’s good value for money, and I’m happy to pay that as long as it lasts for a long time! The only possible issue I can see with this is that, living in a very hot country, the whole thing could get really hot as it’s shiny metal – we have put it in the corner of the run where there’s some shade and they don’t seem to be having a problem with this at the moment – and I think chickens have quite tough toes!

All in all, seems to be a very good purchase!

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