A walk around Finca del Cielo

Well we thought it was about time to upload a video of our little finca, we hope you enjoy!

We’ve also decided to start a YouTube channel (also called Life with no Bra) and the link to the channel is https://youtube.com/channel/UCxIAJrrEUbhd_zt7YWCv-oA

2 thoughts on “A walk around Finca del Cielo

  1. Hey Nit,

    Loving the posts, read ‘nearly’ all of them with a smile on my face. So glad you and Rog are happy and doing well.
    I will indeed add the you tube channel to my favs and look forward to the updates.

    Now, the important question, where would we bloody stay if we visited?

    Love to both,



    1. Hey you! Well we do have a spare room but for friends who like a little more ‘normality’ there is a house in the village on Airbnb! We are just 40 minutes from Almeria City in the coast too!


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