Really 2020, that’s enough now …

Remember a few years back (well, 28 years ago!) when the Queen made the Christmas Day speech and said it had been her ‘annus horribilis’? Yep, think we’re officially having one of those.

Rogers mum died on Friday – she had several big strokes at the end of September and had been moved to a nursing home a few weeks ago, unable to move or speak.

Mother in law was as mad as a box of frogs, and she loved to sing and dance and talk, and talk, and talk! We have so many hilarious memories of her – enough to make us smile forever I think. I think my favourite memory will always be when I was on an online meeting with the other Directors at IHM – she brought me in a cup of tea, and curtsied to the Directors, who thought she was hilarious and marvellous! It has been so sad to see her so poorly, but now she’s back with her beloved husband Bernard, of that I have no doubt.

Ethel came out here twice last year and loved it – I remember her saying she had never seen orange trees covered in fruit before in real life, and she loved to walk around the finca. I’m glad she got to see here, and she understood why we love it so much.

Travelling back and forth to the UK is not ideal with the pandemic still playing havoc, but in this situation, it’s necessary. Rog has had to book flights from Malaga to the UK. If he went out of Almeria he would have to stop in Madrid, and wait there for 5+ hours – which makes it a long journey. Getting to the UK that way is still pretty cheap, but coming back they wanted 1000 euros for the flight! So he found some flights from Malaga at ‘normal’ prices, and he is getting a coach to Malaga from Almeria. We’re not supposed to be leaving our village, never mind the province, so it would be stupid and risky for me to drive him to Malaga (that, and the car probably wouldn’t make the journey!). When I went back to the UK in October, I had to complete track and trace forms both ways within 48 hours of travelling – I thought that was bad enough, but poor Rog now has to produce a negative PCR test in order to get back into Spain – and the test must be within 72 hours of arriving back in Spain.

When we moved to Spain, we told our families we would visit them twice a year – we had no idea those plans would be thrown into chaos by a pandemic – made all the harder with what’s happened this year with our families.

So that’s five family members this year we have lost – enough, 2020, enough now.

Mother in law always hated photos of herself, so instead of a picture, here’s a link to her all time favourite song, which she used to sing all the time, no matter where we were!

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