Rediscovering old hobbies

In my younger years I loved sewing – in fact I did an A level in it, and whilst at school was often involved in extra activities outside of class. In 1982 I worked with a small team from our school and the diocese of Southwark to make an alter frontal which was presented to Pope John Paul II when he visited – my contribution to that was all of the gold work on the piece – hours and hours of work!

But then you grow up, get a job, have a family etc and these hobbies fall by the wayside.

One of the benefits of this life is having more time to start these hobbies again. I finally completed the hand sewn patchwork quilt I started years ago, have taught myself some basic crochet (and made a laundry basket!) and have started doing some embroidery again, and whilst I’m a little rusty it’s slowly coming back!

This was about 5 years in the making – the first third took 4 years and then we moved here and I had time to complete it in a year!

Looking at something and saying to yourself ‘I made that!’ is a lovely thing and very satisfying.

So as lots of people head into lockdown again, maybe turn off Netflix for a while and try something new!

I think this will keep me out of mischief for a while! It’s from a company called Zenbroidery – they have lots of designs, and they’re like the mindfulness colouring books, but sewing instead of colouring!

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