A loo with a view!

We used to have a proper flushing loo in the bathroom, but we soon discovered that the pozo negro (cesspit) was extremely small. It may have been fine for two people staying here just the odd night, but for two people living here full time, it was a disaster. The day we got up and discovered raw sewage floating outside on the ground we thought we’d better sort something out!

We looked at increasing the size of the pozo, but in the end decided to buy a composting toilet, which is dry, and requires emptying (the wee is every day and the composting bit once a week). We did a lot of research and opted for the Nature’s Head Composting Toilet – not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either, and it had lots of good reviews online. We took delivery in July 2019, so have been using it now for the last 18 months.

As we’re having the bathroom totally renovated at the moment, the composting loo has just come into its own! This week, while the builders have been here, we moved the toilet out into the shed, and then brought it back in the house for overnight. Fantastic! But even better today, we’ve popped it outside, in the warm sunshine, so we can sit and look at the view while we … you know!

Whilst a composting toilet is flexible and you can put it anywhere you want to, there is a hose for ventilation – the toilet has a little fan on the side to suck out the smells. The hole for that tube is obviously still in the bathroom – it’s no problem at all in the day while it’s outside or in the shed, but at night when we put it in the spare room, we’ve had to leave the window open so the room doesn’t smell in the morning!

When we first got the toilet, and with me being me, I wrote a little poem for visitors, so they would know how to use it .. which goes like this …

If while you’re here you need the loo, then this is what you have to do …

Both boys and girls must both sit down, otherwise you’ll get a frown.

If you just need a number one, then go ahead and have some fun,

But if you need a number two, there’s a little extra you must do …

The little handle on your left, opens the trap door of death …

Once finished, close the little door, then see the spindle near the floor

Just turn it round, three times, no more, and then a quick spray so the smells are no more!

I know, I clearly have too much time on my hands!

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