Seresto collar for cats and dogs

I wanted to do a review on this product as we’ve been using these for Luna for about a year now.

When we first had Luna, I used the frontline drops that you put on your dog or cats neck – I had used them in the past and always found them very good. However, we quickly noticed that poor Luna was covered in ticks, and so started looking around for something else. Living where we do in a rural insect infested area, we needed something stronger.

I came across the Seresto collar on the internet, and it had good reviews so I thought we should give it a go, and the results have been amazing.

Available in most pet shops and online – do compare prices though as they vary a lot from shop to shop!

For dogs, they come in two sizes, under 8kgs and over 8kgs. Now, Luna is a big dog at nearly 50 kgs, but the over 8kg one fits no problem, and she has room to spare. The collar is adjustable and easy to put on.

Luna gets covered in mud and all sorts of other ‘stuff’ and she loves to play in the river and in the grasses along the edge of the river – the collar has never come off, and has remained effective. You do need to change the collar about every 7-8 months, and the cost is generally between €28-35 here in Spain.

Since using the collar she’s had no problem with fleas, ticks or anything else. We did notice two ticks on her after a wet day, but they very quickly pulled out and dropped off her, being repelled by the collar.

Totally impressed with this product and thought it deserved our thumbs up 👍🏻

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