Writing a blog!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reads the blog! This month has been record breaking for us, and it’s quite humbling that so many people in so many countries are reading it.

My first blog post was just before my 50th birthday – we’d made the decision to move and we were trying to sell the house and our belongings – it seems like a lifetime ago now, but it’s just shy of three years.

I hope in that time that we’ve provided a few laughs, a bit of inspiration and some sound advice. It’s certainly lovely for us to have a record of our journey so far. So much has happened in such a short space of time that it would be easy to forget some of those moments (although some will be totally unforgettable, like the snake in the bedroom!).

Hopefully over the next year we will be able to make some more informative videos about what it takes to live this sort of life, how to grow vegetables, and what life in this part of Spain is really like. We’ve come a long way in a relatively short space of time and it’s a lovely thing to be able to share our adventure.

So, thanks again, and I hope you continue to enjoy reading!

2 thoughts on “Writing a blog!

  1. Great read. I enjoyed following your journey, and what journey it has been.

    Briefly met Roger in illar a wk or so ago.
    I had no idea he had been poorly, glad he is on the mend, I can only imagine how scary that was for you both.
    We half expected to bump into luma on our walk down to the river (although we didn’t quite get to the river, I couldn’t navigate the bog at the bottom in my flip flops 😩)
    Hopefully we will get the opportunity to meet you too when we are back in illar.
    Keep up the good work and continuing to enjoy your new life in beautiful Spain. What an inspiration you both are.


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