A little bit of luxury …

Since moving here we haven’t really bought any ‘stuff’ – just things we needed to be able to live at the finca.

When Rogers Mum sadly passed away in December, she left us a little bit of money, and so we decided to treat ourselves. Now, what we bought are not environmentally friendly; not necessary for this life – in fact there’s no justification at all for the purchases, except, well, they’re really good fun …

I suppose the only justification for these is that our car is 36 years old! Yes, they are crazy yoga leggings I’m sporting and that’s a yoga mat on my back! Can’t think of a better way to go to our friends house for yoga on the roof terrace!

It would be really easy to become eco arseholes, but that’s not us – I’ve always talked about balance in life being so important. Our carbon footprint is way ahead of the world target for each person – no, no, I’m going to stop trying to justify these, and just enjoy them! The daft smile says it all really – life is about having fun!

Once all the covid restrictions have eased we plan to investigate Almeria a bit more – something we haven’t done much of since moving here. There are so many lovely little villages in the Alpujarras. It will be great to have a few hours off each week and have a coffee somewhere different each week! I promise to report on any little hidden gems we find along the way!

Thank you Mother in Law – we know you would approve ❤️

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