What we can learn from nature..

Living as we do, surrounded by nature, has taught us many things. It’s funny how the different types of trees almost have different personalities, and how the wide variety of animals that we get here interact with their surroundings.

I’m not talking here about that fact that everything wants to bite or sting you, although if you saw our poor feet and legs you couldn’t argue that everything does indeed want to bite and sting you! We have just discovered this week that our local chemist sells a natural repellent without Deet that actually works – oh, the relief!

So, let’s start with the wildlife. We have A LOT of ants here – and lots of different types. They work hard all day, although they often have a late start in the morning! They work together to farm aphids in the trees and to expand their nests, much to our annoyance. Ants from different nests will ignore each other, until, that is, you dump one nest on top of another (which is a trick we use up get rid of them) – then they will literally fight to the death to protect their nest and each other. Lesson – like ants, people need a little bit of space – start piling people on top of each other (like in big cities) and aggression will abound. If you live and work in a city, find time in the evenings or weekends to get out into some space.

Bees – who doesn’t love a bee! In the Spring, our trees are literally alive with them. This is their time – we back off and let them do their work. For that month or so, we don’t attempt to prune or spray or do anything with the trees. When the sun is shining the trees are alive – when it’s raining they take the day off! Lesson – let the experts around you work in peace to do their thing, and do the right things at the right time.

The dogs! Well, what can I say about these two! We’ve all heard the phrase ‘be more dog’ and I couldn’t agree with that sentiment more. They truly live in the present moment.

Birds – now we’ve been here for a few years, we could almost tell you the time of year based on the birds in the sky! The bee eaters return in late Spring, filling the evening sky with their iridescent colours as they enjoy one last flight before bed time. As the bee eaters finish their last dance, the swift’s come out to play, flying unbelievably fast, twisting and turning – they’re real show offs! The golden oriels also return for the summer, and they love to sit in the trees in the mornings with their distinctive calls. So what can we learn from the birds? To be free, to accept life totally and go where the thermals take you!

I mentioned that the trees seem to have different personalities – I’ll try to explain here what I mean:

The olive trees are probably my favourites – they’re so beautiful with their knarly trunks and drooping branches – they’re like little old people to me – they almost ooze wisdom. They don’t need a lot of looking after compared to the other trees – lots of water of course to get juicy olives, and a spray in the spring to get rid of the woolly aphids, and a cut every couple of years.

The almond trees are the tough guys – doesn’t matter how much you cut them back, they just grow and grow!

The soft fruit trees – apricots, peaches, nectarines etc are very delicate – you can look at them the wrong way and they’ll die – in my mind, if they could speak they would sound like Mavis off Coronation Street!

The orange trees are very needy. Spoilt children, always wanting attention! Lots of water, lots of spraying and regular pruning. But they are worth the investment as they do produce the most wonderful juicy oranges when you get them right. We’ve had several people say to us that our oranges are the best they’ve ever tasted! A proud moment!

The orange trees are so pretty when they’re covered in fruit!

But all of the trees bend with the wind, they don’t fight against it. They show you when they need help, and they reward you when you do help by giving you a bountiful harvest in return. They just do what they do, no complaining. You wouldn’t find an olive tree having a tantrum because it really wanted to be an apple tree – and yet, when we look at humans, we almost seek out these sorts of struggles to have.

So there we have it – be more ant, bee, dog and tree, and I think our lives would be happier!

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