Going back to the UK

Not for good, I hasten to add!

I was last over in the UK in tragic circumstances last October – the trip was to say goodbye to my terminally ill sister, although I never got to see her before she died. Tracy was taken into hospital just a few days before I arrived there, and because of the virus, I wasn’t allowed to go into the hospital to see her.

The pandemic has meant that I was unable to support mum and dad through the toughest time, and I missed Tracy’s memorial service, and could only watch online. But we’re getting through it, and flights started again from Almeria to London a couple of weeks ago – the first in months and months. So, I decided it was time to get over to see Mum and Dad and booked my flights for 12th August. We think this will be the ‘window of opportunity’ to travel, as the experts seem to be warning us already that the winter will be tough again, possibly with restrictions being brought back in. If I don’t go now, I’m not sure when the next opportunity will be.

The requirements at the time of booking were to self isolate on arrival, with PCR tests on day 2 and 8, and the optional test to release on day 5, despite having both Pfizer jabs. I booked the day 5 test as I wanted to be able to visit the grandchildren whilst in the UK, who I haven’t seen now since November 2019. Just four days later the rules changed so that fully vaccinated EU citizens did not have to quarantine – hurrah, I thought. I arranged a refund for the the day 5 and 8 tests, which I will say are still stupidly expensive at £200 for the 3 test package. I will still have to have an antigen test here in Spain within 72 hours of travelling to the UK, which is another €40.

Add on to that the fact that Easyjet have changed their baggage policy, so I’ve had to book hold luggage. What used to cost €60 return is now up to €450 with all the tests – are we starting to see a return to the 70’s when only rich people travelled?

When we moved here we were careful to pick somewhere reasonably close to an airport (40 minutes), and that had flights all year round to both London for me and Birmingham for Roger. Some of the trips we had in the past from Peterborough down to London in the car have actually taken longer than going door to door Almeria to London! We promised family we would be back twice a year to visit.

Then came the ‘will they won’t they put Spain on an amber watchlist’ – which would mean going back to self isolating for ten days, plus tests on day 2, 5 and 8 again. Today we saw some news and it looks like that isn’t going to happen – not this week anyway!

There are currently 1 million Brits on holiday in Spain alone – if Spain went onto the UK’s red list, where would they put everyone when they arrived back in the UK? I can’t see there being 1 million spaces in Government hotels!

Getting back into Spain will be much easier – as I have had both jabs, I just need my proof of that and nothing else – no further tests, no self isolating. Even though there’s no requirement, both of us have always self isolated on return though – we live in a village with an elderly population and so it seemed the right thing to do.

To be honest, neither of us would’ve travelled during the pandemic ‘just for a holiday’ – our trips back have been for terminally ill family and funerals only, and I wouldn’t be traveling now if I thought mum and dad were coping well with losing my sister.

This virus isn’t going away, and I think there has to come a point where we start to learn to live with it. All the way though this we’ve done exactly what we’ve been told and we’ve had the jabs – all on the promise that this is the way to get back to normal.

We used to enjoy traveling – I love airports and find people watching in them absolutely fascinating. Sadly now, it has become an angst ridden experience, and an expensive one at that.

I’m sure though, that being able to hug Mum and Dad, and give those grandchildren the biggest cuddles ever, will make it all worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “Going back to the UK

  1. Compliance with tyrants never resulted in more freedom or even the previous freedoms! What’s going on is a global disgrace.


    1. Couldn’t agree more Paul – so glad we’re living here as the impact is far less on us than it is for most people trying to earn their money, pay the bills etc – we’ve been able to squirrel ourselves away, which is exactly what we wanted from life.


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