Things to do in Almeria

With Mum and Dad arriving next week, we’ve been thinking about where we can take them and some things we can go and do while they’re here. I’ve done a blog previously giving a quick overview of the province, but I thought I’d give some specific places to visit this time.

We haven’t actually spent much time at all sightseeing here – the first year we were trying to get this place habitable, and then the pandemic hit, so we’ll be seeing some of these places for the first time too!

Almeria is in a special location – they say you can go skiing in the morning up in the Sierra Nevada’s, and then go and lie on a beach in the afternoon! It’s a great place if you are sporty – lots of walking and hiking in the mountains, and water sports down on the coast. Kayaking out from Cabo de Gata is really popular (don’t think mum and dad would be keen as hilarious as that would be!).

The Cabo de Gata nature reserve is an area of outstanding beauty.

Almería has some truly beautiful beaches. Or you could hire a boat and go and discover the coves around the coast too! Then there are organised boat trips where you will often catch sight of dolphins. There are various places along the coast where you can find these – Cabo de Gata and Aguadulce being just two that I know of. Aguadulce is lovely, and very close to the popular resort of Roquetas de Mar (personally my idea of hell … rows and rows of hotels and bars selling English food!!). I’m planning a boat trip for mum and dad from Aguadulce – they last a couple of hours and cost about €30 each – longer days trips are also available.

Then there’s the many little villages dotted around the province, usually with great local bars and cafes so you can while away a few hours with some cold beer and tapas! As you go towards the mountains of course you get spectacular views to enjoy with your cold beer! Another drink you might enjoy over here is Tinto de Verano – wine of summer – basically a red wine spritzer and very delicious on a hot day! There are some beautiful villages near us that I plan to take mum and dad to – Laujar de Andarax, Almocita and Padules – they’re all within half an hour of us, and we have tried and tested the tapas there!

Overlooking Almeria City is the 10th Century Fort – the Alcazaba. It’s free entry if you’re an EU citizen and €1,50 if you’re not (sorry Dad!). There are beautiful gardens and you can walk around the ruins of the Fort, once lived in by the King of Almeria.

Every time we drive to Almeria city we keep saying that we must visit the fort!

Almeria is home to Europe’s only desert. The town of Tabernas sits on the edge of the desert, and is a nice place to wander around. However, most people go to this part of Almeria to visit Mini Hollywood and Fort Bravo. Loads of films have been made here, and you can visit some of the sets and even watch a Wild West show! I think it famously started with the Spaghetti westerns, but in more recent years there have been Indiana Jones, Top Gun, Game of Thrones etc to name but a few, made here.

Then there’s the cathedral and various museums in Almeria city to explore! The city is right on the coast, so you can do your shopping, wander around the museums and then down to the beach to enjoy a spot of lunch looking out across the med – we did this the other week and just kept sitting there saying how lucky we are!

Almeria has become a more popular holiday destination over the last few years and there really is something for everyone – the busy city with bustling markets and lots of shops or you can escape to the more tranquil settings in the mountains or hidden coves around the coast … we’re certainly looking forward to doing a bit of touristy sightseeing ourselves over the next few weeks!

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