So ….. the verdict!

Well, Mum and Dad arrived a week ago, and it was dark by the time we got back to the finca. This meant of course, that they couldn’t see anything of the views on the way here, or anything outside the house, so Tuesday morning was like ‘the big reveal’!

So, what did Mum think of the house? ‘Ooh it’s lovely, and bigger then I thought!’ – this line on its own from Mum got me doing a little happy dance!

On Tuesday morning Dad came and had a walk around with us – unfortunately, it was a bit difficult for Mum to do this, but we did manage to get her up to the roof terrace to see the views and at least look out across our land. Dad is quite taken with having a sit on the roof terrace in the afternoon sunshine for his rest!

They love it here, and are already talking about when they’ll be coming back!

Dad has always owned motorbikes from the age of 17 through to when he retired, and he made a remark the other week that he’d love to have a go on my bike! So on Thursday afternoon Rog and Dad went out for a little tootle around – at least that’s what I thought they were going to do … an hour and a half later they came back and Dad had the biggest grin on his face – they’d been up all through the mountains and had a stop at the cafe on the way back! It was lovely to see Dad so relaxed and happy!

This was Dad just as they were leaving – first time back on a bike for 16 years … after 10 minutes he was back in the swing of it apparently!

They have experienced the weekly market and the relaxed late breakfast at the cafe, and met lots of the locals, who have all welcomed them to the village!

On Sunday we went to Fort Bravo to see the film sets used in lots of spaghetti westerns, had a ride in a horse and cart, and watched two shows – a punch up in the saloon and a bank robbery out on the street – both were done with such humour and the actors were great! Lots of horses and guns! And even though both shows were totally in Spanish it was easy to get the drift of what was happening! I’d really recommend this for a day out if you’re in the area.

Mum and Dad are managing well with our limited electricity – we make sure their stuff is all charged up in the day and bought some rechargeable bright lights for their bedroom. It’s a shame Mum can’t wander around the whole finca, but she has a chair outside the house so she can enjoy the sunshine. And mum has definitely taken a fancy to long relaxed lunches at the cafe, trying lots of different tapas!

We’ve still got lots planned for this week, but I think it’s fair to say that it has put mum and dads minds at rest now they’ve seen where and how we live. Dad actually said last night that they couldn’t be happier for us!

Relaxed, happy and enjoying the wall to wall October sunshine!


2 thoughts on “So ….. the verdict!

  1. Hi Anita

    Lovely photos of Mum and Dad – so pleased they are having a good time. Please send them my love.

    Helen x

    Sent from my iPad



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