What is our true purpose?

Now if I could answer this question with any surety I’d probably win some sort of Nobel prize, but I thought I’d try and tackle it today and share some of my own thoughts on the topic.

I’m sitting here, it’s Monday morning, 7.30am, and I’m on my third cup of tea as I start this blog. Just a few short years ago, Monday mornings were so different – I would’ve usually already have been on the road for an hour by now, on my way to meetings and conferences. Dashing around all day, getting in by about 7pm before zooming off to a yoga class, and grabbing a prepared salad on the way home before crashing into bed to start it all again tomorrow. Too tired to even wonder what it is I’m contributing to. Sound familiar?

Now I’ve become the queen of pottering 😂. Lots of tea to start the day, feed the dogs and chickens, do a spot of cleaning and washing, prune some trees, plant or tend to some veg before a rest in the afternoon, clean the chickens, a long walk with the dogs, a sit on the roof terrace to watch the birds get ready for bed, and a spot of dinner. A couple of times a week we’ll go out for supplies or to meet up with friends for a coffee. We’re always busy doing something, but these days there’s no rush. Growing our own fruit and veg has become so satisfying, and it’s quite addictive … we want to grow more of our own food, and try lots of new varieties. Then, of course, there’s preserving our food so that we have supplies of different veg out of season – it takes quite some organising.

Rog spends a lot of time working outside in the day – making improvements to the finca, repairing fences, filling holes that appear in the terraces, replacing water filters, sorting firewood, looking after the trees, strimming etc – there are lots of repetitive jobs here in order to maintain the place. But saying that no two days are ever the same.

I have friends on Facebook who have lives like mine used to be … dashing about with their jobs, kids and hobbies … it makes me tired just reading about their lives sometimes!

I reached the point where I couldn’t see the point of what I was doing when I looked at the bigger picture. Was selling software so important?? Is that really all there was? I didn’t feel like I was contributing to the well being of our planet or to my own well being – the opposite in fact – dashing up and down motorways in my diesel car, flying up and down to Scotland all the time – I was having a bad effect on the environment. I feel like this about most of modern society in reality … it seems to be just about making money these days … inventing things for the sake of it, just because it can be done. We don’t have time to make or grow the things we need because everyone is out providing services to other people … and it’s questionable whether those people need those services!

I don’t know, maybe I was born a few hundred years later than I should’ve been, but it seems to me that having your own space from which you can feed yourself, and doing things in a much simpler way without the need for lots of modern technology is a good thing – I’m sure there’s many that will disagree with me. By simplifying life, every day has become so much richer, and it all feels REAL. We don’t need to be constantly entertained. We don’t have any confusion in our life, any mental health issues, no real medical or physical issues, and, most importantly, we’re happy …

Now, clearly, what makes us happy would be someone else’s nightmare – it wouldn’t do for us all to be the same after all! So I think the answer to the question ‘what is our true purpose’ is this … find what makes you happy … truly happy in your heart … and do it. I do also think that making the people around us happy is hugely important too … the two things go hand in hand really.

The caveat of course, don’t harm anyone else or the planet in pursuit of your happiness, and I don’t think you can go wrong.

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