Modern Technology

It’s getting harder and harder to be able to live without technology, and we were talking the other day about people who can’t access it getting left behind in society. And then there’s people who want to spend less time on devices, not more! Reports abound about kids spending too much time on screens, yet it’s getting harder to do anything without them. It makes me wonder where technology will be by the time our grandchildren are adults 🤔

Take traveling at the moment … the need for technology was brought home when I was organising mum and dad’s trip here. Mum has an iPad as with her sight problems it’s the only way she can see the TV, and she does really well with it – she can navigate around her programes really well now that she knows where the buttons are. But move away from the familiar sites and she really struggles. Dad also has a little android tablet – only used for horse racing results and playing backgammon! He is a self confessed dinosaur and proud of it.

So I booked their plane tickets on the easyjet app and downloaded the boarding passes – these were then emailed to a friend who printed them out for Mum. Then came the locator form for arriving in Spain – again, I completed it and emailed it over for printing. Mums neighbour went in and downloaded their vaccination certificates (which sounded like a total faff) and printed them out.

Going back, I completed the UK locator forms and printed them here. Everything had to be paper for them still – there’s no way they would’ve managed to find everything online at the airport.

Before they traveled I booked their Day 2 PCR tests for them. As far as I am aware, you can only access the providers on the website.

Now I’m guessing this would be pretty common for my parents generation – some knowledge, maybe owning a tablet or phone, but get quite worried about using online stuff in real-time at an airport. So what happens to that generation where they don’t have an army of people helping them? Sorry, you just can’t travel anymore? That doesn’t seem right or fair to me.

We watched a program about 5g the other night, and how it’s going to revolutionize how we live – everything automated, machines calculating and making decisions for us … is it just me or is everyone else terrified too??? We have often said we would love to go down to the beach and throw our phones into the sea … but how would we talk to our families, do our banking, pay our taxes – it’s already too late, we have to have them to be able to live in this society … we can’t get rid of the bloomin’ things!

We do have wifi here (when the sun is shining!), which is satellite WiMAX, and we get a speed of 12mbps – but do you know what – it works!! Out of curiosity I looked up what the cost of Elon’s Starlink – wow! It’s like £90 a month after you’ve forked out £500 for equipment and set up! The service promises astonishing speeds, reliable service etc – but why has everything had to get so fast?

I saw an article about technology in Japan – they are already so far ahead of many countries – coffee shops run completely by robots – I can only hope it never happens here. What happens with human interaction, having a laugh and a joke? And the people that used to work in the coffee shop – now unemployed – or now employed to build robots to put other people out of work! I fear that technology is more like a disease, and one that’s spreading faster than Covid. And don’t even get me started on the ‘metaverse’…

Nope, not for me …

So I mentioned at the start about the people in the world who will get left behind as this new technology rolls out – whilst I’m kinda hoping we’re in that group of people, on the other side of the coin there would be a huge division and technology will make the gap between the haves and have nots much wider. I think it’s too late to stop it, but maybe what we should be doing is identifying friends and family who struggle with this brave new world and try to help and support them – it must feel so bewildering after all.

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