Big skies

One of the things I love about this place is the big sky – huge, enormous, and with nothing to spoil the view. Because of the surrounding mountains, we do get spectacular cloud formations here too.

Now I’m no photographer, and these have been taken just with the camera on my phone, and don’t nearly do the wonderful scenes enough justice, but I hope you enjoy some of the best we’ve seen so far from our finca …

The rounded clouds are called lenticular clouds, and are definitely my favourites! They happen when the clouds bump into the cold mountain air and start swirl.
And looking off the other side of the roof terrace …
The same evening as the two photos above – the kind of evening where you can’t stop taking photos and staring at the sky!
Daytime lenticular clouds!

But I’m not sure we’ll ever see anything as dramatic as these next ones ever again … I have shared them before, a couple of years ago, but I couldn’t talk about clouds and skies without including these again. It’s not surprising that people think the aliens are landing when they see these …

None of these pictures have been enhanced, filtered or touched up in any way, so can you imagine how spectacular they were in real life!

Not a day goes by when I don’t feel truly grateful to live here.

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