The Seasons

The first year we were here we actually remarked on the fact that there were four very distinct seasons here. This was a stark contrast to the UK where it goes: more grey and cold to less grey and cold, with rain at any time. Interjected, of course, with the odd heatwave which invariably lasts about a week, before descending back to grey after some thunderstorms!

Spring has always been my favourite season … I love to see everything coming back to life.

Over the last 12 months we’ve seen a change here – last winter seemed to go on forever, and then it was suddenly summer – spring was barely noticeable. This summer was hot, with some times that were not just hot, but almost unbearably hot – we’re talking 30 degrees at night hot, and heading towards 50 degrees in the day. This year though, summer stayed with us until almost the end of October, and then pop! Winter! Boots on, jumpers on, fire lit every night, and with little or no warning. Is the climate really changing that quickly or is it just an unusual year?

We’ve been watching the events at COP26 closely, and it’s pretty much played out as expected – I fear we’re doomed. I don’t agree with Greta Thunberg about much, but I do think there was too much ‘blah blah blah’ at the conference. World leaders know what they have to do, but they’re too interested in money and power to do it. Well that’s great, they will be able to sit in the middle of a wasted planet surrounded by all their money within a couple of generations. (Imagine now I’m doing a slow hand clap).

Of course, there’s lots we can do as individuals, but again, there are too many people who still don’t want to make changes or sacrifices – saying you recycle all your rubbish just isn’t enough anymore!

I have a feeling that if we were in a scenario where there was a meteor heading straight for earth, but that we could stop it by, I don’t know, hopping on one foot for example, then I think we’d see everyone out hopping on one foot! What we’re heading for is the same destination but just slower and by different means. We all know what sort of things we can do to play our part, and it’s time we showed the politicians and corporations that it really is important to us. Shame them into action. The planet will bounce back after we’ve gone – maybe it would be the best thing for Mother Nature if we weren’t here?

So I sit here wondering how our climate will change further over the coming years, and whether there will be a habitable place for us and future generations? I really do hope so …

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