See, I told you rotavating was hard!

Since we moved here we have discovered muscles that we’ve never used before, and also that this is, at times, quite a dangerous lifestyle!

We are advocates of safety gear – hard hats, safety glasses, steel toe capped boots etc, but we do still have the odd accident…

It started with Rog cutting off the top of his finger in the wood chipper – the lesson there was don’t keep working when it’s really hot and you are dehydrated! It makes you do daft things like stick your hand in the bottom of the chipper to clear it out instead of using the stick that’s in the other hand! It was … messy. I don’t usually panic, but my reaction to his accident was to literally spin in circles saying ‘oh my god oh my god’. At the hospital they asked where the missing bit of finger was – errrr, under a tree somewhere? The hospital did a great job of sewing up the top of his finger, but it was months of backwards and forwards to the doctors and the hospital.

Roger’s head and back are covered in scars now from where he’s scraped himself on trees, and I have the odd one here and there – you get to know the trees, where branches stick out etc, and then you cut them … changing their shape … and then forget that you’ve cut them 😂 You dive underneath in the usual way, and out comes the iodine again!

Then there’s too many muscle sprains and strains to even mention. I think we might have to make a concerted effort to do more yoga to get fit and flexible again, as we haven’t done it too often since moving here.

Cutting the dead wood out of the trees is an evil job, as tiny splinters always fly off, and invariably I’m always left trying to get a piece out of my eye, even with safety glasses on! I think I’ll end up looking like this eventually to do this job …


The latest one has laid me up for a while. The veg garden needed rotivating so I, as always, tried to help. We’ve just had it serviced, and boy is it different! The bloody thing nearly dragged me across the farm, but I wouldn’t give up! I should’ve, in hindsight! Eventually Rog just waded in and finished off. Later that day we were irrigating, and I bent under a tree to check the nozzle and felt a pop in my side. It was ‘ok’ for a few days then started to get so bad that I relented and went to the doctors … it is muscular but pretty bad … lots of anti inflammatories, painkillers and diazepam to try and let the muscles relax. Typical when we do actually have lots of jobs planned! We’re midway through redoing the veg garden so the plan for tomorrow is for me to sit on a chair in the middle and direct – don’t you already feel sorry for poor Rog! 😂😂

I do have a proper first aid kit these days – lots of dressings, bandages, a tourniquet, sterile water for washing eyes etc etc, because, despite our best efforts, we do keep hurting ourselves!

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