Happy Christmas from Finca del Cielo!

We’ve always loved Christmas … people seem to be nicer to each other, have fun and relax a bit. People become, well, better people for the most part.

This will be our third Christmas here, and it’s a little different to the ones we used to have back in the UK! Back then we would spend a fortune on decorations, presents and food, and our house was always full of visitors. It’s a much quieter affair these days!

We do take the day off from doing any non essential work of course, and this year our good friends Anita & Paddy have invited us for lunch – it’s been years since someone else cooked for me on Christmas Day! God help them, but we’re taking Luna and Persi with us – they love playing with Paddy & Anita’s dog, Holly – they’ll be tearing around the garden like nutters all day I’m sure!

Christmas Eve has always been my favourite day, and this year I plan to spend the afternoon drinking tea, eating cake and watching It’s a Wonderful Life! I loved it when our kids were small, the building excitement, too many sweets and Christmas films on the tv while I made a start in the kitchen – always party food on Christmas Eve for tea!

Getting traditional British goodies is possible here, but at a price. In previous years here I haven’t bothered buying anything British for Christmas, but because we’re out for the day, I decided the least I could do was get some traditional fayre – 12 Mr Kipling mince pies, a small Christmas cake and a really small Christmas pudding was over €50 but hey, why not! (I would’ve made all of these myself but my oven packed up 6 weeks ago and I’m waiting for a spare part, plus buying some of the ingredients is nigh on impossible!).

The traditional Belen is up in the village – a life sized nativity scene, and the village is decorated with lights – I think we’re all ready! A timetable of events taking place in the village has been published, although with rising Covid numbers over here, I’m not sure if all of the activities will be able to take place – but it is lovely to see so much effort being made to bring the community together.

The shepherds and the kings are around somewhere in the background!

So wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing this year, we would like to thank you for sharing another year with us, and we hope you have a very very Happy Christmas.

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