Just before Christmas I came across a book recommendation from a like minded person on the internet, who lives in a similar way to us. He described it as a book that would change your way of thinking and split your life into two parts – before Ishmael and after Ishmael. This like minded person didn’t give away any of the storyline, or even what the book was about, which only stoked my interest further.

Ishmael is the first part of a trilogy – the second part being The Story of B and the final part being My Ishmael. The author is Daniel Quinn.

Mum had asked me what I would like for Christmas, and so quick as a flash I asked for this trilogy – since moving here I have once again been able to revert to being an avid reader as I’ve mentioned before. As much as I would consider myself a ‘book sniffer’ who loves nothing more than mooching around Waterstones at every given opportunity, our tiny house forces me to restrict my library to my kindle. The rate at which I devour books again these days would otherwise see us having to build an extension to house them all if I had real books!

And so a couple of days before Christmas I downloaded the three books, and am currently reading the second book, but I couldn’t wait until I had finished all three to write this blog.

I read Ishmael in just a couple of days, and it only took that long because it’s one of those books that you have to put down occasionally and have a think about what you’ve read before continuing. I also found myself re-reading sections to fully digest and understand. I will also say at this point that reading every word is a must – including the foreword . Don’t speed read it.

It was like a light bulb being turned on. We live the way we do here because we consider society, in its current form, to be wrong, unsustainable, and at odds with the natural world. This book explained exactly why we feel like that.

You only have to look at the level of mental health issues, suicide, greed, extinction levels and the stripping of our natural resources to know that to continue on our current path will lead to the destruction of our world … yet we’re all of us sitting by watching it happen, occasionally tutting at how awful it all is …

I’m amazed that I’ve never come across this book before, and I’m so glad that I have read it at last, it’s a story that may just help us to change our story …

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