Coping with injuries

So you might’ve guessed … I’ve hurt myself again! My shoulder this time, and it’s not in a good state.

I left it for a few days to see if it would get better on its own – tried keeping it moving but when that made it worse I had no choice but to just sit … and sit … and sit. Nothing was helping, and it was so frustrating knowing there were jobs that needed doing as I watched Rog try to do everything.

Last time it was rotivating… this time I was climbing around up in the mandarin trees cutting out the dead wood. I think my problem has been twofold – not stopping when it starts to hurt and thinking I’m still 18 years old! Since moving here we are asking more of our bodies than ever before in our lives, and we’re not spring chickens anymore!

I like to try and get myself better before I resort to going to the doctors, so I’ve been using reiki, meditation and visualization, homeopathy and listening to music at 432 Hz – a good healing frequency. All helped a bit, but I was getting impatient to be better.

So another trip to the doctor (who rolled his eyes at me again when I told him how I did it) saw me with another load of drugs to take including more diazepam, which I have to take in the day as well as at night. I can’t even drink half a glass of wine these days, so you can imagine what diazepam is doing to me – staggering around the house laughing hysterically at things that aren’t funny followed by passing out in the chair – poor Rog, the things he has to put up with! But I’ve also been to an osteopath, who cracked all my bones which has given some relief – and I’m still carrying on with all the complementary stuff too.

So hopefully a few more days and I’ll be able to start doing some of the more gentle jobs. I’m also planning to start Qigong, similar to Tai Chi. I don’t think yoga would be a clever thing to be doing at the moment, but Qigong will get me moving again in a gentle way, keeping the blood flowing and getting back some strength.

And most importantly, I think I’ve learnt my lesson this time!

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