Realising we are nature …

Have you ever stopped and thought about why (most) people love to get out in nature? The answer is simple – we are as much a part of nature as the trees, the birds, the animals, the mountains and the rivers – we’re all made from the very same stuff!

So many of us would head out if the city at the weekend to parks or woods, and immediately feel a sense of well-being, calm and peaceful.

I think it’s really easy to forget this which leads to us feeling disconnected with the natural world – particularly when you live in a city. Having been in that position myself, you can go through the whole day or week without sensing the nature – sitting in your metal box driving up and down roads, sitting in an office staring at a computer etc …

Which leads me nicely onto time … in particular, the seasons. We seem to have forgotten how to live in tune with the seasons, and January is the perfect example of this! New Year resolutions abound – I’m going to get fit, do new things, give stuff up – I hear Veganuary is the new thing, or people stopping drinking alcohol for the month, go on a month long shred (whatever that is!)

What is Mother Nature doing in January? Retreating, resting, waiting for Spring when new life will burst forth (I’m getting quite poetic now!). So why do we try to live at odds with the seasons – couldn’t the extra gym visits or the shred wait until Spring, when we’ll all naturally have more energy, more enthusiasm? Surely we would be giving ourselves the best chance of success if we copied Mother Nature? Just an observation!

Living as we do, and probably because I’ve hurt myself again, I’m on a complete go slow this month! And do you know what – I’m not beating myself up about it! I’m not doing nothing at all – but I’m doing it slowly, with lots of tea breaks! We harvested the mandarins at Christmas, so January is mandarin marmalade making and February is orange marmalade! Between us, it’s all getting done, but at a pace that Mother Nature would be proud of 😂. And after all, if you want to curl up in front of the fire with a book at the end of the day, then wood needs to be chopped in order to have a fire!

Central heating and air conditioning cut us off from the seasons in a way – you can have your home at the optimum temperature all year round, which again, disconnects us from what’s happening in the outside world.

So if in January and February you don’t feel like doing much, tell yourself that it’s ok, you’re just doing what Mother Nature does!!

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