Being judgemental …

It seems to me that one of the worst things to come out of the pandemic (apart from losing loved ones obviously!) is the division in society.

I firmly believe it’s every individuals right to have their own opinion, and to make decisions based on their own judgement or intuition.

I’m sick of hearing about how stupid people who don’t want the jab are, or that people who have had the jabs are just sheep. Please … stop! It’s everyone’s individual choice whether to have the jab or not! By all means, protest at the governments who are imposing restrictions, but don’t attack your fellow ‘ordinary’ people who simply chose a different route to you.

Our opinions and beliefs are formed throughout our lives based on what we’ve been taught, what we’ve been shown, and what we’ve experienced. All of these things form the ‘bars of our cage’. You’ve heard the phrase ‘don’t rattle their cage’ – in other words, don’t shake their beliefs and opinions. Now some people have cages with bars so tight together they can’t stick a finger out, whilst other people can walk freely in and out of their cage, happy to have their beliefs and opinions tested.

We’ve got to realise that not everyone can deal with things outside of their cage or comfort zone. Attacking peoples beliefs will do no good – it makes them retreat further into their cage, close the bars together a bit more and add an extra padlock!

Social media platforms have become so full of hateful comments from both sides of the argument – it’s like watching a boxing match.

It’s all too easy to be judgemental in this crazy world, not just about the pandemic, but about the way that people choose to live their life, the way they dress, talk, whether they work or not, colour, sexuality … there’s always someone ready to put you down.

If we stopped allowing ourselves to be divided into smaller and smaller groups, and started acting together simply as humans and respecting each other, then I think the world would be a better place for us all.

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