Bach Flower Remedies

As you know, I’m a great believer in using complimentary therapies, and so I thought I would do a short introduction to Bach Flower Remedies this week.

I think you’ll all agree, the world is in trouble (putting it lightly), and even I have found myself feeling anxious and worried about the future. Now we all know it’s mad to worry about something that hasn’t happened yet, but none of us are immune to the odd angst ridden day, and this is where Bach Flower Remedies can really help.

Probably the most famous of these remedies is the Rescue Remedy … recognize it?

Rescue Remedy is easily available in most chemists these days, and is a combination of five remedies to help you through stressful times. It comes in many different formats now so you can choose from drops, pastilles, balms and capsules.

But did you know that the range of Bach Remedies consists of 38 different remedies!

Dr Edward Bach developed the remedies back in the 1930’s. He was both a physician and homeopath, and believed that the key to our overall wellness had to include our emotions – you had to care for your mind as well as your body. I think today there’s not many people that would argue with that statement. So the Bach Remedies are designed to balance our emotions. Each essence is derived from a different flower tree or plant, and is linked to a specific emotion.

Dr Bach then organised the remedies into seven groups, to make it easier to choose one or multiple remedies that would help you. You can take one, several, or blends of remedies, enabling you to tailor the remedies to your exact needs.

The seven groups are fear, uncertainty, loneliness, insufficient interest in current circumstances, despondency and despair, over sensitivity due to influences and ideas, and over care for the welfare of others. Within each of these categories there are a number of remedies that can help.

There is an official Bach website, where you can read the description for each remedy – it describes the emotions that the remedy can help with – here’s an example:

Olive is used when you’re tired and out of energy. The description reads … Restore Energy. The Bach® remedy Olive encourages the positive potential to revitalize yourself after making an effort. For times when all reserves of inner strength and energy have run out. Let go and allow yourself to revitalize and restore your mental energy.

Sometimes you may not know why you’re feeling the way you are, but by reading through the descriptions, I can almost guarantee you’ll hit on one and think ‘yep, that’s me at the moment’!

If you simply type Bach Remedies into a search engine you’ll easily find out more information.

The remedies are natural remedies, and made by placing the flower, plant or tree into water and exposing it to a heat source to make an infusion. The plant material is then discarded, and the infusion left behind is preserved (usually with alcohol), diluted and put into vials. Rescue Remedy is now available in a non alcoholic base, glycerin is used instead, so a good option for nursing mums and children.

The recommended dose is usually 4 drops placed directly in the tongue or put into a glass of water, which you can then sip throughout the day. But please, always read the instructions before you take anything!

Now a word of caution – you’ll notice that I refer to these as complimentary medicines, not alternatives! I would never put down modern medicine, and if you are taking medications, never just stop them without talking to your doctor. If I get unwell, I always try the natural route first, then if I need to, I will go to the doctor. When I hurt my shoulder back in January, I was in agony. I tried my own methods first for a week then went to the doctor for something stronger. I took the anti inflammatories and the pain killers he gave me, and alongside that medication, I used homeopathy and Qigong to help my body heal itself – that, to me, is just sensible!

All of our modern medicines have been derived from plants at some point (although mostly synthetically produced these days), so to go back to using natural remedies makes sense to me!

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