Life in the campo for dogs …

Luna and Persi really do have a wonderful life here … lots of freedom, lots of space to run and play, and no shortage of snacks between meals!

They are best buddies, but just occasionally they do have the odd fallout!

But it’s not always fun for them … there are wild animals about at night – rats, foxes, other dogs, cats and wild pigs.

A couple of days ago we noticed Persi had a nasty cut under one of his legs – popped him down to the vet and she said he’s fine, keep it clean (🙄).

But that didn’t prepare us for what happened to him last night … this is what we found this morning when we got up:

We sent the photo to our vet who said to come in straight away. Lots of staples and several injections later we left the vets with tablets, creams and strict instructions to keep him in the house for the next five days and nights.

Luna has come to sit with him in the house to keep him company, and we’re just hoping he has a good sleep now, as keeping still for a while to let the healing start is the best thing for him.

We stopped off at the cafe on the way home, we both definitely needed a strong coffee. One of our neighbours said he was definitely gored by a wild pig – hopefully he’ll know to stay away from them in the future!

My poor baby 😢

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