Crystal Therapy

In this next blog about natural remedies, I thought we could explore crystal therapy, as this is something you can do for yourself in your own home!

Obviously, it’s lovely to go and get a full therapy with a professional, but you can make using crystals a part of daily life – having them around your home or office, or carrying them around with you.

So, how do they work?

We all have seven main chakras, or energy centres, in our body. These are represented by different colours, which are associated with the characteristic of each chakra.

The root, or base chakra is what keeps us grounded. The sacral chakra is about courage. The solar plexus chakra is fun / laughter, whilst the heart chakra of course is associated with love. The throat chakra is all about communication. The last two, the third eye and crown chakra, represent our connection to the spiritual.

Think of these chakras as little whirlpools (that’s how they always feel to me when I place my hand above them!). Sometimes these whirlpools get a bit mucky, the colour fades, or they don’t whirl around enough – that’s when we get out of balance. When we look at the word disease we can break it down thus:

Dis Ease

ie. your body is not at ease. So when our chakras become unbalanced we can feel unwell, either physically or emotionally.

Using crystals can help to rebalance our chakras. Of course it is better for a therapist to do this for you, as we first create a circle of protection around the aura, before opening, cleaning and rebalancing the chakras. Chakras should never be left fully open, as it leaves you totally vulnerable to outside influences. However, after a bad week, you could lie on the bed and rest the crystals on your chakras and just rest for half an hour, somewhere quiet.

The best collection of crystals I can recommend for the chakras would be clear quartz for the crown, amethyst for the third eye, sodalite for the throat chakra , rose quartz for the heart, citrine for the solar plexus, brown tigers eye for the sacral and red jasper for the base or root chakra. You can, if you prefer it, use Lapis Lazuli at the third eye, and instead of a pink rose quartz at the heart, you can swap for a green aventurine. Personally, I prefer to use the green on my heart chakra, but if you’re not sure which would work best, let your instinct pick for you – pick up the one that feels right.

You can use tough or tumbled crystals for this, and any size is fine. What you don’t have to do is buy one of these fancy kits in a lovely box with reiki symbol engravings on them – I promise you, they make no difference, except to your purse!

At other times, you can simply carry crystals with you, or have them placed by your bed or on your desk. There’s lots of books out there to tell you the characteristics of different crystals, but here’s my advice – if you can, go into a crystal shop and pick what jumps out at you. Your instinct and intuition are far stronger than you think!

Here are some of my favourites:

Sunstone by your bed – you wake up happy!

Sunstones actually glint in the sun!

Hematite by your computer – negates some of the EMR

Snowflake obsidian if you’re struggling to come to terms with something difficult

Clear quartz or smoky quartz can help you to meditate. If possible, but a slightly larger stone with a point at one end and just sit with it in front of you. If you’re struggling to quieten your mind, gaze at the crystal and I’m sure you’ll find it helps.

Smoky quartz wand

It’s a good idea to look after your crystals too by regularly cleansing them – you can either run them under mineral water or leave out in the full moon overnight – this removes any negative energy that the stones have absorbed. If you are reiki attuned, you can simply hold them and flood them with reiki to cleanse them.

Crystals can help you to stay focused and balanced in everyday life, in a gentle and soothing way! Learning about and using crystals has certainly made a difference in my life, and I hope you give them a go ❤️

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