Finding peace in the mundane…

Just a little thought for the day …

Life isn’t all about massive achievements … and we all know that massive achievements don’t come along that often during life. This means that we can find ourselves rushing through mundane jobs to get them done and out of the way.

Jobs, relationships and life in general can be transient and uncertain in the modern world, and we have all become aware of just how uncertain things can be over the last few years as we lived through the pandemic and then straight into the crisis in Ukraine, especially with the media hailing it as the potential start to WW3.

I think it’s important to find things that give stability … the day to day achievements we barely take any notice of … cleaning the house, doing the washing up, cooking dinner and the like. It’s in completing simple tasks that we can find peace and stability in our lives. Instead of rushing through, be present and take notice of what you’re doing.

Even better … say sod it to the housework and go for a walk somewhere beautiful!!

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