Freaky weather!

This winter has been cold, long and dry – hardly any rain at all, which obviously isn’t great when you’re growing 100 trees, grapevines and veggies! We’ve gone through probably 3 tonnes of firewood, and we only have the fire on in the evening!

March promised rain – we’ve had a little so far, but the forecast for the next two weeks is showing lots of rain. The problem is that the forecast shows rain, but we actually get just a few paltry showers, which barely wet the ground.

But today, we have experienced the most freaky weather yet – a proper sandstorm. Now you imagine a sandstorm to be like something you see in films – a great wall of sand hurtling at a city across the desert, but it’s not necessarily like that in real life!

We’ve been in the clouds all day, and there’s been not a breath of wind – everything is totally still … eerily still. Then the sky turned orange!

The mountains up and down the valley totally disappeared!
The Sierra Nevadas are over there somewhere!

Down on the coast it was even worse, looking at the pictures that people have been sharing on social media!

I had a walk around just before it went dark, and boy, the clean up operation is not going to be fun at all! Everything has a layer of sand direct from the Sahara on it! Solar panels, roof terrace, chairs and tables, the car, it’s everywhere … even on the dogs!

But it’s the eerie silence that got me the most today … had an almost ‘end of the world’ feeling about it! Fingers crossed we return to normal tomorrow!

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