These dogs will be the death of us!

On Saturday morning Luna and Persi went off for their normal tour of duty around the area … they love to see who is about (always hopeful of getting a bit of a fuss and a treat!). Everyone round here knows them, and it’s not unusual for them to come trotting back after an hour with a bone to chew on.

But yesterday they didn’t come back. Rog went into the village and along the river, but they were nowhere to be seen.

Now sometimes they do this, so we didn’t start to really worry until lunchtime. By 5pm we were resigned to the fact that they were lost, injured or stolen. We went for our normal afternoon walk in the hope of seeing or hearing something, but no, nothing.

As we got back to the finca we saw Luna – thank goodness! But no Persi …

Luna was starving and ate two dinners, and then curled up in in the house for a while with us before going to her kennel and falling fast asleep.

Oh how I wish dogs could talk … she’s the only one who knew what happened to our funny, scruffy, affectionate Persi, but she couldn’t tell us.

He’s had two run ins with wild pigs over the last few weeks, so we thought he might’ve had another go and lost this time … any number of things could’ve happened to him out there.

This morning we were both up early … we didn’t want to say out loud that we thought he might not be coming back – after all it was now a full 24 hours that he’d been gone. Rog decided to go out for one more drive down the river, but needed to fill up with petrol first, so he headed off to the garage.

Ten minutes after Rog left, who comes limping through the gate but Persi! He seemed to have had a bit of a night, wherever he was, but apart from a bit of a limp he was fine!

Persi, Luna, you two will be the death of us!!

Both back where they belong!

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