The end of the blog …

Well it’s been almost four years since I started writing this blog about starting a new life in Spain. Moving from a comfortable home, a well paid job and lots of creature comforts to a tiny off grid finca. And what a journey it’s been!

We have so many new skills, ones that actually feel real and relevant to daily living. We’ve had lots of challenges to overcome, but we’ve faced them all and beaten most of them! We’ve become adept at living without resources that modern society would have you believe are essential, and carved ourselves a life that is uncomplicated and sustainable.

I think we have changed and grown both as individuals and also as marriage partners – if we didn’t work together as a team here we’d be in real trouble!

The world has also changed so much in the time we’ve been here, and with each new tragedy I can only think that our move was perfectly timed.

It’s been a privilege to be able to share our story, and now we’re ready to continue what we’re doing – we have no plans to change where we are for as long as possible – no place has ever felt so much like home as it does here – our little sanctuary, with our beloved dogs and our funny chickens. You never know, I might crack on with that book I’ve been threatening to write one of these days!

We both hope that you have enjoyed reading about our life here, and maybe even been able to inspire some of you to make a change, however small … or even just to feel more grateful for that flushing loo you have in your house!!

I’ll leave you with one final thought – no dream is ever impossible unless you decide it is. I hope all of your dreams become reality.

Blessings from us all here at Finca del Cielo:

Bye bye from Luna & Persi
Byeeeee from Ethel, Maureen, Balti and Atila the Hen!
And bye from me and ‘im!!

12 thoughts on “The end of the blog …

  1. Finished so soon, Anita. I have loved every one of your blogs, thank you. It’s so refreshing to see you follow your dreams. Miss our natters in the car but that’s a good few years ago! :0)

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    1. I remember them so well – we sorted all the world problems especially on the many trips to Bolton!! Glad you’ve enjoyed the blog – it’s been fun to write it – I never imagined I would be going as long as it has! I didn’t want it to get to repetitive (or anal!) so time to stop!

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  2. I’ve loved reading your blog Anita, it’s brought a lot of sunshine and happiness. I definitely plan on heading over sometime and popping my head in to say hello and see the finca


  3. It’s been lovely hearing about your life there, Anita. Best wishes to you and Roger for your future together.

    Helen x


  4. Aw Im sorry to hear this. Loved your blog and hearing about you and yours latest adventures. Good luck with everything xx


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