What happens with our olives Part 3 (the final chapter!)

Ten days ago we took our olives to the factory to be weighed in and turned into lovely extra virgin olive oil … here’s the final part of the process …

What happens with our olives? Part 1

I mentioned to a friend that I might do a video of what we do with our olives once we harvest them, and she thought it was a good idea, so here we go …!

Now I do these vlogs just on my mobile phone, one take, no script and no editing (I know, it shows!), so I’m not going to try and get clever by editing it into one video – I can taste the disaster just thinking about it 😂

So here’s part 1 – starting the harvest …

Possibly the most fun you can have with your clothes on ….

I mentioned that the rotivator died last year, so this was something we knew we would have to buy.

The old one didn’t have wheels on at all, so getting it to the other terraces was a total killer – lots of swearing, heaving and then we would both be way too tired to actually rotivate anything once it was in place. So, one of the things the new one HAD to have was wheels. This means it’s easier to move about and then once it’s where we want it, the wheels come off and the rotivating thingies (technical term!) go on.

What we didn’t expect though was to get one that came with a little trailer too!!!!! Whilst it’s not legal to drive this on the road, it certainly will make moving heavy stuff around the finca much easier. Lugging crates and buckets of fruit from one end to the other gets a bit much after the first dozen buckets!

So it’s basically a baby mechanical mule! The trailer can carry 200kg – not too shabby!

Unbelievably, it arrived literally in pieces – Rog has had to build the entire thing, which has taken a couple of days. Plus, the instructions had been translated into English, which doesn’t always make a lot of sense as you get the literal translation. It needs a bit of tuning, but we had a test run down the road to pick up some firewood … here’s Rog on our 7hp bullet …

The Olive Harvest

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again already! Over the last week or so we have seen a few people coming down to their fincas to pick the olives – it seems almost everyone here has at least a few trees!

Last year we managed to harvest 246 kilos from our nine trees which gave us 31 litres of extra virgin olive oil, and beautiful it was too!

Now back in the UK I might have used 2 or 3 litres of oil in a whole year, so I was a bit bewildered at the thought of what I was going to do with 31 litres, but just in normal everyday cooking we’ve used 16 litres this year! Wow! It goes into everything, and I no longer buy salad dressings, we just use olive oil – and it’s soooo good for you! It really is the backbone of Spanish cooking.

So we’ve made a short video of this years harvest to show how we pick them. We tried various different methods last year but found this way the most successful! It’s very therapeutic – well, the first few trees are, then your back starts to protest a little and your hands get a bit sore – but do you know what, we don’t mind one bit!!

The harvest is much smaller this year – the terrace with the olive trees was so overgrown that after the harvest last year we gave them a really hard cut. Olives grow on second year wood, so whilst this years harvest is small, we can expect a better crop next year. So, here’s a short video showing just how easy it is to harvest olives!

The olive harvest …

So off we go to the olive mill in Canjayar with our harvest …

The olives are emptied into the grills where they are weighed and a sample taken for analysis. The sample shows the yield of oil for our particular olives which then determines how much oil we get next week.
And then off they go on these conveyers to be pressed.

So that’s it for another year – time to start all over again!